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To my ex best friend

To my ex best friend, I dreamt of you last night. I imagined you left a message and wanted to talk things out, only for me to wake up and grasp you were still gone. My parents ask about you, and I often think about the times we'd lay on the couch and watch movies together. You became a part of our family, and I admired the feeling of warmth that consumed me to know I had someone In my life that wouldn't walk away. Isn't it strange that your heart can carry you through life with the lack of someone you thought you couldn't live without, yet sometimes you find your heart aching in their absence? You catch yourself forever scrolling through your memories together and suffering even more when you do, but you won't stop, because it's easier to hang onto the person rather than accept they're gone.

I didn't delete the photos, because you're still a piece of me I'm not yet ready to let go of. I won't forget the countless times you held my heart as it broke, and helped me put the pieces back together again. The times we would sneak around past midnight and giggle in bed over McDonalds and stupid videos on our phones, being stupid teenagers. Those memories I still cherish and thank the universe for. I've learnt that people come and go, yet you can still love them, even when they're gone. Loss is a trait of grievance, and grievance is never kind, so why be bitter? Why be sour when you can lose someone and still give your heart out to them?

After all, love always wins.

So to my ex best friend, wherever you are, whatever you're doing and whoever you're with, I thank you for the love and magic we made together, and I love and miss you always, with every ounce of my being.

To my ex best friend, I wish you all the luck in the world.

Umi ♡

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