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The divine meaning

What are we chasing in life? This world is ill with a need for validation, a sickness for reputation and self-image. We are burdened by ourselves when we are the only answer to goodness, yet we act as if we are owed something. The only thing we owe is to be true and to be kind, to be lovely and eat fruits, to soil the earth in love and treat each other with importance, and to not hate and be spiteful. Those who expect in return for their kindness are the ones who are under the spell of vanity and greed. It will never be rewarded and leaves you in a circle of despair, only you can be the one to pull yourself out of this, to not be cowardly, and to storm through the fire to reach reconciliation.

I too have been a victim of such narcissism, but mindfulness is an important virtue to hold.

Now, I want to feel alive, I want to know myself. I’ve suffered for too long in the unknown, at the hands of deep sorrow. The despair of feeling disconnected from human life, everyone feeling like a stranger. It has kept me in its cave of desolation for far too long, and instead, I want to revel in the laughs of people I love, who love me back. I do not want to create friendships based on transactions or alcohol. I want souls whose smiles spread through the warmth of my body and connect with my mind to get to my heart. I want to feel like everything is in slow motion, and I want it all to be real and wholesome. I want to scream my favourite songs loudly and to fall in love calmly.

I long to write in the sunshine, on paper, and to listen to music on the beach. I don’t mind being swallowed by the ocean if she spits me out a new woman. I want to feel peace, I want to be the peace, because she is truly me. When you open your heart, there is nothing you can't do and no one you can miss enough to lose yourself. You can speak to the heavens and connect with those beyond worlds. When I submit myself to mother nature is when I am most myself. I am hungry for the nakedness of the earth and the virtue of myself. To be my own funny valentine and smile at everything with my heart.

My philosophy is the one of love and freedom. To be unchained from the shackles of civilisation and expectation is what it is to have happiness in the palm of your hands. It is only to act in love, even when people live and speak in hate and malice.

Do what you can not to succumb to the animosity. It is only you who restricts the love the world has to offer.


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