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Created in summer of 2018; through the midst of chaos and a hunt to find who I was, this blog became a life-long, personal, on growing passion project in following my emotions and achievements within life. Writing has been an expressive outlet for me for as long as I can remember. Some of my most vivid memories capture me in my living room as a little girl, beyond content with nothing but paper and a pen, where I wrote story’s and brought characters to life through my imagination. 

Although it is scary, I think there is limitless strength in vulnerability, especially when it is utilised to fuel your hardest moments in life. So here is where I pour my heart out through the art of poetry and narration, in hopes of turning something unfortunate into something beautiful through the craft of literature.

Here is where I hope to add value and inspiration to the lives of my peers and readers through sharing my stories, passion and interests, as others have done for me. This is where I strive to encourage you to be your own best friend and strengthen your relationship from within. 

Lots of love, Umi ♡

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What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it's inspiring and helping others through one of my favourite things to do, writing. I usually document my life and interests on social media, but I felt such a sense of fulfilment daily that I decided to dedicate something bigger to it. I enjoy writing about my passions, what interests me and sharing it with the world so here I am! With each passing day, I hope to help and motivate my readers to accomplish every one of their goals.

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The divine meaning

What are we chasing in life? This world is ill with a need for validation, a sickness for reputation and self-image. We are burdened by...

Am I the Imposter? (syndrome)

I am grappling with the thought of imposter syndrome. Might it be true, or am I a dreadful person? I know my storms come and go. I am...

Me, myself & I

I learn new things about myself every day. Like how I crave a love that encompasses me in its arms and drowns me in euphoria. Or how...

Empty / Poem

Days become tedious, filled with delirium, suffocating yourself in liquor won't take the damage away I tell myself, but I do it anyway,...

Prisoner / Poem

Scolding water trickles down my back, like a warm hug, only this time it is welcomed, contrary to the unfriendly hands that invited...

Grief / Poem

Shadows of candle fill the room, waiting on a call that never comes, but still I wait An abiding conversation, between me and the moon,...

A bittersweet truth / poem

The sad thing, is that no one will love you through your vulnerability, they do not see the bottom of the bloody bathroom floor, or the...

The REAL pandemic; Domestic abuse

2019. The start of a universal tragedy most of us never thought we’d witness. Over 200 million people infected, and sadly 4.55 million...

"First love" / poem

I'm challenging the emptiness in my hollow ribcage, by creating physical one with a lack of food As empty as I get, and as long as I with...

All the things I never said

Why do people do the things they do? I ask myself this question quite frequently and I don’t think I will ever find the answer to it. Why...

To my ex best friend

To my ex best friend, I dreamt of you last night. I imagined you left a message and wanted to talk things out, only for me to wake up and...


I've been deep in the exploration of my mind over the past few weeks, so many unanswered questions, contemplations, confused anger and...

Personal growth & discomfort

Hello you lovely lot! It's been a while (I know, I have a lot of explaining to do) but on a Thursday night after a long week I find...

Overcoming social anxiety

Hey lovelies, it's Umi! Back again to guide you with the things we struggle with most in life. This time its anxiety, yup I can feel you...

How toxic is "toxic"?

Your friends are probably one of the most important relationships to maintain in your life. After all they're the ones to steer you away...

Advice for a painful breakup

There's no easy way to get over it. Break ups suck. But thanks to the people around you (and the Internet) you don't have to go through...

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